Make footnote numbers bigger

Hi, New and writing furiously. Which is a good thing This application rocks!

But I need to know how to, if possible, increase the font size of the footnote notation in the text of the exported document in Word. I can easily read the annotations, and the footnotes as they appear on the bottom of the page, however, the footnote number in the text is practically illegible in point 2 type.

Does anyone know if there is a preference setting or another trick to change this? I have difficulty seeing as it is and this is so frustrating because I can hardly find the footnote notation in the text, and even once I do I can barely determine the number.

Thanks! Ripley

I think this is determined by Word itself based on the font. What font are you using?
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P.S. Thanks for the kind words!

Yes I think you are correct.

I finally went to Word and their forum and found one post that was interesting. I went back to Word and have been playing with the Format>Style menu for footnotes. Didn’t work.

So far the only think I can come up with is to do a ‘find’ for footnotes, then ‘replace’ and choosing to modify the fonts (I made them blue and 16 point) and the ‘replace all’. I now have blue, superscripted (therefore smaller than 16 pt), footnotes in the text and in the bottom footnote numbers. I click on the footnote number and it still takes me to the proper footnote at the bottom of the page.

It will work for the time being.

Thanks for the reply!