Make <$include:Binder Title> create link to "Binder Title" document in Scrivener

When reading a text that uses the <$include> feature, which is also a Scrivener link to the document I want to include, I have to click on the link to verify which text I’m <$include>-ing. The alternate syntax doesn’t work with links, the last time I tried, but it does give me the name of the document, so that’s nice, but if I accidentally name to documents the same name, and the wrong one ends up higher in the binder, then I only find that out when I compile.

So what I’d like is for Scrivener to handle the creation of the link when using the <$include:title> syntax, much as it works with [[title]] syntax. It would be even better if a change to the binder title would change the text of the include tag, or have the link change color or otherwise visually show that the binder title change broke the automatic link.