Make label color visible in binder?

HUGE fan, here, and evangelist. I’ve used Scrivener for multiple articles, and it’s now helping with a book project.

Question: In MacOS, when you change the label of an item in the finder, the item is highlighted by the label color. Is there any way to implement this functionality in the Scrivener binder? As is, if you change the label of a particular binder item, the only way (as far as I can tell) to know it has been changed is by looking at it in Outliner or Corkboard view.

Many thanks,

Oliver Broudy

In the View menu, select “Tint Icons with Label Color”. This does tinting the old fashioned way like OS 9 instead of the big fat bar you see in OS X.

But the big fat bar option is coming with 2.0. :slight_smile: Thanks for the kind words and evangelising!

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