Make Link to open document in second pane?

Making links is more than a little handy, but in the project I’m working on, navigating a complete set of references via the Contextual Menu is a bit of a challenge. How delightful it would be if there was a keyboard shortcut or even a drag and drop method so that I can highlight a bit of text in one pane, and make a link to the document in the other pane.

Does that already exist, by chance?


You can highlight the text and then go to Text > Scrivener Link and select the document that is in the second pane. This will do exactly what you want, though there is no quicker way of doing it.
Hope that helps.

Thank you for the response.

Scrivener is the tool I’ve been dreaming about for twenty years. Thank you for creating it. It is simply wonderful, and the feature depth for such a relatively young program is outstanding. I enjoy using it each day.

The reason I desired such a feature is that I tend to use one pane for references and another for outlining. As I cull though the research, (often several hundred in a day) I write notes in the active pane. The current method works just fine, but when zipping through a lot of references, it would be slightly easier and less error prone to target the other pane with either a menu command or even a drag and drop target - say dragging the highlighted text of one pane onto the title of the other. Links are how I track the raw material that flows into the outline.

However, the mere fact that I can link at all is a huge plus, and I appreciate the current tool very much.