Make Links Easy to Click and a Nice to Have (Tabs)


In three months Scapple has become my go to thought organizer.

Most times that I think of something that Scapple “should have”, upon reflection it either becomes “nice to have” or hey there is a Scapple way to do it. Also many of the “should haves” or “nice to haves” are there when paired with Scrivener. As a matter of fact Scapple has added greatly to Scrivener.

However, Scapple is horrible when it comes to clicking on links. One must get a note into edit mode before one can open a link and often clicking highlights the text for editing!

Link clicking should be almost effortless. One should have to do no more than hover the mouse over the link and click. As Captain Picard would say, Please “make it happen.”

A truly great app, most everything else just flows for me.

My nice to have is a tabbed Scapple “browser.”

Thanks for the great software.


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Yeah, I see what you mean.

I can see how this would be by design. Having a clickable link before entering edit mode would make it difficult to enter into edit mode. That would be even more annoying.

Perhaps it would be nice if you could click a modifier key like CTRL or Shift when clicking to automatically follow the link. (Pardon me, I don’t know if there is a wish-list forum here. Just musing.)

Hi - can I second the feature request for Tabbed Scapples - this would be really useful when wanting to jump between notes on a particular subject without having to scroll through an enormous Scapple or have several open a the same time.
I think this would reflect Scriveners really useful feature of being able to jump between texts quickly.

Scenario - Attending a conference - keeping notes for the whole day in one tabbed document whilst breaking down different topics across tabs.

i agree, the connections , when clicked, should be highlighted and a simple ‘delete’ to delete… its quie annoying to drag ontop of each otehr, PLUS you delete the connected note! makes no sense

also linking ideas (notes) and Scapples would be very helpful

Perhaps it would be nice if you could click a modifier key like CTRL or Shift when clicking to automatically follow the link.

Seconded. I would be incredibly grateful for this feature.

This all has less to do with design, and more to do with how these kinds of objects exist on the board. In short, unless you are editing the content of the note, there is no text and there is no link. It is, as I recall, almost better thought of as a graphic (although that would be a somewhat technical distinction with how the Mac draws such things on the screen).

So I believe the main problem is that we’d have to somehow know, based on internal details of how much space each letter takes in the font you are using at the text scale / zoom setting / wrapping solution in order to “know” where the link actually is, and then draw an invisible box on top of it that serves as a clickable region. That data is not easy to get (read: almost impossible unless you are writing your own text layout engine), and performing such an operation dynamically would cause performance issues, particularly in boards with lots of links.

You’ll see the same exact thing happening in Scrivener, if you use it, with inspector comments and footnotes (very similar objects to Scapple notes, in terms of how the system draws them in a passive state).

Ah. Would it be possible to make a note itself a ‘clickable’ link (w/ modifier key), as opposed to links in the note contents? It’s not quite what @jjatlitandlat or @chrislesage had in mind, but would nevertheless be a huge improvement on using Scapple to organise and access information external to it e.g. bookmarks, x-callback-URLs, etc. :crossed_fingers::pray:

Sorry I never got back to you on this, but I don’t see how that would be practical, since it is possible to have more than one hyperlinked range of text within a note.

Well, what I had in mind is that the note itself would be a link, which would be separate from each hyperlinked range of text within it. In other words, when using the modifier key to click on the note, it would activate the link for that note. However, when clicking on the note without the modifier, it would simply open the note and make the internal hyperlinks clickable (as is the case already). Would that work?