Make Notes Pane Default to Document Notes?

Can we make the notes pane in the inspector panel default to document notes rather than to project notes? Thx, k

It should already be using document notes by default in new projects. Once you’ve changed it to project notes within a particular project it will stick that way until you change it back though.

Okay. I will try to notice more carefully what I have last selected. At the time it still seems like it would be nice to have the option to default to displaying document notes. Nice is, of course, not necessarily necessary. Thx, k

I guess I’m not clear on what you mean then, since from how I am thinking about it, it already is the default. Have you made your own project templates perhaps? That might explain it, if you left project notes open when saving the template then that state would be dutifully saved for the sake of someone with an opposite preference to you.

I haven’t made templates, but I do often roll one project into the next simply by duplicating an entire folder, opening the project, deleting the contents, and starting anew. That;'s how I preserve keywords, labels, etc., across similar projects. I betcha that’s the explanation. Thanks! k