Make Path > available in search results.

If I right-click the icon of a document that’s open in the Editor, there’s a Path > menu that drops down to show me the document’s location in the Binder.

If I search the entire Project, I get search results in the Binder, but when I right-click the icon, I don’t have the Path > menu available.

Try just hovering over the search result in the Binder. The tooltip should print the path.

Otherwise I’m not sure what you mean, the icon header bar menu doesn’t omit the Path option when viewing search results. The contents of that menu should be identical, no matter what configuration the binder sidebar is currently using. We might not be talking about the same thing though, because you don’t interact with that menu using right-click anyway.

Here’s what I mean – image shows result of a click (not a right-click, my mistake there) on the icon in editor:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 3.52.04 PM.png

Here’s what I get when I right-click on a search result.

Yeah, I see that the tooltips display the path for each. I almost never hover on anything long enough to see a tooltip though…

Yeah, I never wait for tooltips either. :slight_smile: But like I say the same menu you used in the first screenshot is in the same place and functions exactly the same way in search results. Why switch to right-clicking on the file in the sidebar only while searching? Instead you can use the same consistent tool no matter what you’re doing in the sidebar.

But then I’d need to open each file in the editor to be able to use the first menu… Anyway I can deal with tooltips. And will eliminate duplicate document names in the binder which is the source of the underlying problem anyway.