Make "Reveal in Binder" a button

I’m lazy- I use this all the time and dislike having to click on a very small icon and then select it. It could either be a button in that same bar. Or it could be part of the toolbar.

Have you tried just using the keyboard shortcut? Hitting opt-cmd-R is even faster than using a button.

The keyboard shortcut is definitely the way to go!

Likewise wishing for a direct “Reveal in Binder” toolbar button among the Available Toolbar Actions. I have one on AutoHotkey and use it all the time, right after a search, as Show Collections is almost always off. I’m sure quite a few users would enjoy the native one-click capability.

Acknowledging the discussion at the link, that devs can’t put buttons in for each request. All the more reason to propose our best candidates. :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering

Reveal in Binder did not become important to me until I really started using Collections the way the programming gods intended. Now, I love and depend on it. Curiously, hitting that menu item never bugged me, though I am generally a key command kind of guy.

These days, I find myself dreaming of a Reveal in Collection function.