Make Scrivener update imported fountain documents?

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well!

Is what I’m asking in the title possible? I noticed scrivener can import fountain documents, but if I make changes to that document in another fountain editor the changes doesn’t sync with Scrivener. Is that possible to arrange? Or does Scrivener make a copy of that fountain-file as soon as I drop it in the project?

Reason for asking is this: I absolute love scrivener! It’s hands down the best app for writing there is, except when it comes to writing fountain. So for that I use another software, but it would be nice if I could make Scrivener update the document if I edit it outside of the app.


Have you explored Scrivener’s “Sync with external folder” for editing your fountain documents. I’ve no idea if it will work as it’s not my territory or needs as a user, but I think it’s worth exploring.

And do a search for posts by popcornflix, who uses Scrivener for organisation but other software for writng screenplays.



As Mark said, the Sync with External Folder functionality is the way to go.

Once a file is imported into a Scrivener project it has no connection with any previous copies of it.


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Thank you guys, this is exactly what I was looking for! Much appreciated!