Make Scrivener update imported fountain documents??

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well!

Is what I’m asking in the title possible? I noticed scrivener can import fountain documents, but if I make changes to that document in another fountain editor the changes doesn’t sync with Scrivener. Is that possible to arrange? Or does Scrivener make a copy of that fountain-file as soon as I drop it in the project?

Reason for asking is this: I absolute love scrivener! It’s hands down the best app for writing there is, except when it comes to writing fountain. So for that I use another software, but it would be nice if I could make Scrivener update the document if I edit it outside of the app.

Have you looked into using “External Folder Sync”? I neither write screenplays or whatever, nor actually need to use External Folder Sync, but it’s there for that kind of thing.

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