Make the Board "TapaTalk" aware?

Hi there,

apologies if this is the wrong forum but I didn’t find a “right one” to put this question in. So: mods, please move it, if necesarry.

I do much of my forum reading on my smartphone using the “TapaTalk” app which makes it very easy on the small phone screen.

Information about TapaTalk is found here: Activating a forum for TapaTalk is free.

What do you think?

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I did install a plug-in for ForumRunner, which is a similar app that has a free version. I haven’t made an announcement on this yet because the plugin seems to conflict and it pops up a warning when you access the forum. The error seems to be minor though because it goes on to work nicely.

All people I know using forums with their android phone and even those who are strictly FOSS and Open Source minded and hate paying for software go to the market (now called “play store”, oh dear) and buy this one app.

So, please reconsider …

Since TapaTalk didn’t show the Scrivener forum I installed the mentioned ForumRunner app and it works OK with the L&L forums: You need a 2nd app, but now you can have “latte to go”.

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Sorry, I meant to respond to this and must have forgotten to hit submit. I hope you found the free version of ForumRunner, because the one that costs a few bucks only adds a few features and is mostly just voluntary.

Just a quick note:

I was happy using forum runner browsing the L&L forums, but when I hit “Reply” for the 1st time I realized you have to pay $1.99 for using that function.

Furthermore, after paying I found out that you cant access your profile since the “integration is outdate” or something the like.

Perhaps these may be sufficient arguments to think about Tapatalk again?

You know, there are some android people out there that positively hate tapatalk, and having to dismiss a nag question every time you go to a new site with it installed, multiple times if you have multiple android devices or you clear cookies. I know there’s a market for it, but it costs money too, and I for one would be really happy if it didn’t show up here.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less if the software wasn’t ‘push’, i.e. it nags you if it detects your platform. Basically, it’s an in-your-face advertisment, if it didn’t do that, then I’d be happy. Well, indifferent. :slight_smile:


I just bought tapatalk now, 'cause they dropped the price to 79Cents. Before it was much too expensive for what it is. Sadly I couldn’t find this forum, oh well…

Hi Ioa,

on iPhone now I installed ForumRunner. It finds the L&L forums but it complains about the supporting files being outdated. Could you, please, update them so that the forums work again with ForumRunner?

(((Or, install Tapatalk support?))) [[ducks and runs]]

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It should be working, actually, unless something has changed recently. I’ve always had that message, but if I dismiss it everything works fine. I have verified their module is up to date, so it must be some other minor conflict or something that causes it.

It would be nice if this forum could be accessed via tapatalk. Right now it isn’t found by tapatalk.

Considering most of the content of the L&L forum, it should be in quarantine, and kept behind leaden shutters … not made available to a wider unsuspecting, naïve … or, even worse, innocent user base!! :open_mouth:

Meh. I just post through the web page, itself. I know, I"m oldschool. :slight_smile: I only ever read the forums on my tablet when I’m in the bathroom, though.

Given the depths to which the content of this particular forum is regularly plummeted — naming no names — the bathroom is probably the best place to read it!


Mr X

Thing is, Mark, given L&L forum’s egalitarian, all-embracing ethos, we’d be hard put to exclude the likes of nom, Jaysen and pigfender, from its Oxford Union-esque jousting. Sad, I know … but, that’s the way it is. On the other hand, Mark, there is a school of though that proffers the thesis: Erudite, articulate, serious debaters like ourselves, leading by example, will have a knock on effect, upon the likes of n, J and P, elevating them to a level of excellence on a par with our, own … in deed, we could all end walking in the shadow of their accomplishments.
Take care,

Mr K, I think you are on track with that. Too bad it is the WRONG track.

The real reason the afore mentioned miscreants (+1) should not be excluded is that “philanthropy” can, some would say “should”, include social and cognitive components as well. And we you think about it, are we of the afore mentioned miscreants (+1) not the down trodden, impoverished, and unfortunate class in these areas? Are we not?!?

It is charity sir! Charity of the finest order that they bestow upon us! We shall not disappoint! We shall distract and cross post and troll until the fruits of their labors are see by all!

What is that smell? was that you vic-k?

In my rejoinder, responding to Mark’s unkindly, implicit reference to n, you and p, I do acknowledge the possibility, however remote it may seem, to most right thinking individuals, that we, L&Ls intelligentsia, could in fact find ourselves walking in the shadows of n, you and p. However implausible it may seem … it could happen.
I’m certain that none of the aforementioned intelligentsia would sink so low as to utter that hackneyed/ clichéd: Yeah! And friggin pigs might fly!

But sir, it has happened. Piggy has flown. He told me hisself.

[size=150]Only with the aid of Photoshop, [/size] [size=150]

or an iron bird.[/size]

But he did fly.