Make the wife happy with me… it might be possible

An iPhone is complicated for a phone but an iPad is very simple for a computer. Based on Mrs Jaysen’s needs, a large iPad and a keyboard might get the job done, especially given her choice of software, and distrust of filing. Just hide all the apps she won’t need in a folder marked “admin” and leave her with the 5 she will use.

Alternatively, it may just be worth sucking it up and going with a Windows machine. Android is certainly a damn sight less intuitive and easy to use than good ol’ Windows. She might find Win8 very straight forward given a suitable mix of Metro apps and regular programs.

Ah yeah, in that case I’d recommend an android tablet with a bluetooth keyboard. :slight_smile:

Heh. I’m like your wife when it comes to things such as “Hey I’m going out to get a food item. You want something?” 9 times out of 10 I don’t particularly care what is acquired. But if I do say “eh, get whatever,” then I don’t get to bitch. I find if I say “Not liver/food item I hate,” then the results are more to my liking. Was a bit of a learning curve, though. :wink:

Darn you! She stole the kids CB last night and said “I like this, what other things are there?”

Now I have to say “vic-k is right”. Will the universe come to an end?

There, fixed it for you.

And, I’m just so easy to live with. :blush:
Vic Modest

Just this once, and only in order to save the universe, I’ll help.

You don’t have to say the HAW is right. Compromise. Cede the idea was worth considering, but be clear that the missus took control before enforced redistribution of the technology was actionable. And, of course, it is essential to note that you still have to feed the little ‘un’s (yes, I know, by now he’s probably bigger than a St Bernard on a diet of steak and growth hormones - it is a figure of speech, get over it) voracious tech needs because your big ol’ soft daddy-heart couldn’t bear to him in tech distress. Besides, aren’t there laws about providing internet access to children? At least that’s what the kids round here keep insisting so, because you live in a civilised society, I assumed…

You have proven the proverb. While I live, and once may call it a “society”, civilized my be stretching it a bit.

So internet for teenage offspring is optional in your soc… locale?

It is not widely available. To suggest that my area provides the extreme contrast between the have everythings and the have nothings would be an understatement.

One of the locals lives on less than 7K/yr. Total income. Accepts no assistance (refuses). Lives off the sea. His family seems happy enough to live with no 'net. I know there are many many others near us like this. Once you get into the “carpetbagger” areas, the 'net seems to be “required” for people to breath.

Hope for the world is rekindled. I’m now thinking of moving…

One of the ironies of this thread just dawned on me. You are asking advice about your wife and needs. And men are the primary responders. Is there something wrong with this picture? :laughing: :confused: :laughing:

I have been married almost 44 years, and it is still a challenge.

Hmmm, it seems to me that a thread started by Jaysen is significantly more likely to stay on topic than any other thread.

Insightful, but the implications are truly horrifying. The more I think about it, the worse my insomnia will get.

So, given the alternatives, someone needs to ask:




[size=60]Desperate times…[/size]

The question isn’t “where are the brownies”, but how do you derail a derailer? Heck, I’ve tried to troll my own threads but folks keep bringing it back to topic. And if you think about it, what better way to derail a derailer than by KEEPING IT ON TOPIC! It is the antithesis of any other thread I’ve participated in. I’m forced to keep true to the nature of the thread simply by my “ownership” of it.

I find it very … unpleasant.

As to how I approach solving my little dilemma … take this!


Had known mechanical work done, then drove it from old house to new house. 1200mi. One one bush repair required.

Maximum double take required as at first glance I was sure you were in the car with a giant duck!


It’s amazing how agile and sneaky those ducks are, isn’t it? You never know when one will show up.

Jaysen!! y’re a sartorial disgrace!! :open_mouth: If y’re gonna be driving around, in an English open topped sports car, you should be appropriately attired.
Tweed sports coat and Soft peaked cap
With leather driving gloves to match.

Exactly! What Vic said!

Friggin duck’s got everywhere. Stick this up on thread’s title bar, 'n scare the fecker off! :open_mouth:

Vic-K, you have no idea how hard those are to find in “east-middle-of-no-where” USA. I looked. But they were not to be found.

And as far as the “driving around” part, MadGe made it home, a 1,200mi drive in a 40 yr old car, but it took me three days to get her to start once I got her here. what I’ve mostly been doing is banging the back of my head on the bonnet will attempting to trace the bungled elect ign. wires. They were bungled by yours truly when said bungler effected a master cylinder replacement in a parking lot in the vicinity of Cumberland MD. While no welding was involved, I believe that my HHAW membership is being well used.

And if anyone wants a study in frustration, take a classic car owner to a parking lot, remove a critical part, say a master cylinder, and provide a replacement that has cast mounting ears 1/4" larger then OEM. The language used will be impressive.