Make the wife happy with me… it might be possible

Sorry pal, but the longer, and more convoluted the whinging, whining excuse is, the less sympathy and understanding it generates.

Only 1200 miles?

On our cross-continentlal journey, when we arrived in the campsite in Delhi, parked next to us there was a young Dutch couple in an aged Citroën 2CV van. They had driven over from Holland and all round India and up into Nepal in it.

In the morning, he was there with the bonnet up, spanner in hand … so I went over and asked what was wrong and could I help. If I remember rightly, a crank had broken and cracked the cylinder. But he’d found a machine shop that basically could make him a new engine, so he was taking the engine out to take it over so they could make the parts necessary. So I helped him with that … fortunately it was a 2CV … air-cooled, simple, not very heavy, so no lifting gear needed. It didn’t cost him a fortune and was done within a week. All in a campsite.

When we got back to the UK, people said, “Weren’t you afraid of breaking down in India?” My answer was, “No. I was afraid of breaking down in Germany!”


Mr X

Hey vic-k :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr X, I have to admit that when folks were calling me names (like moron) for attempting this trip, I said “this tech used to travel around the continents! In fact I know a man that crossed Asia in a vehicle not too different tech wise”. Their response was … interesting. “So all your friends and acquaintances are nuts too?”

I was a bit lost for a response. Vic-k, nom, Wock, piggy, you. The list was not … encouraging.

[size=70]Seriously vic-k. I looked. Why the heck not? I’m middle aged and allowed to be as silly as I want to be. I couldn’t find anything. I’m hoping I can find something here now that I can get around a bit and am not at the mercy of what stores I pass along the highway.[/size]

And I suddenly realize how I must sound when talking about music… I think I understood something about Jaysen being in MD, then driving and needing to fix some sort of electrical doodad. After that…made about as much sense as me talking about Schenkerian graphs, I wager. :slight_smile:

[size=150]If Mr Toad can do it, so can you?!![/size] :open_mouth:

Likely. But I know music so …

Just to give you an idea of what happened; I drove a 40yr old MG from Webter NY to Beaufort SC (1200 mi). At mile 300 the brakes decided to fail. You can’t get real parts for 40yr old cars anymore so I had to make stuff up on the fly. Then I drove 900mi on a hack job a computer guy did on his brakes.

Which boils down to “An idiot drove a stupid old car a stupid distance then made a stupid set of dangerously stupid repairs and then stupidly drove another 900 miles on the stupid fix”.

So I should expect a christmas package?


Christmas package my tooty!! :open_mouth:

Mr Toad is the quintessential style icon, rivalled only by Scrooge McDuck.

I have the right shape… some bad shrimp and I’ll get the right color. I guess I could be me toad…


“Parp, parp!”