Make Two 'Files' One Scene

Two sketch the scenario, for the purposes of my outline, I have two separate scenes. One covers a major event; the next covers the main character’s reaction to it – something intended to help set up the story as a whole. It needs it’s own mention on the outline level as a result.

My issue is that while these are separate scenes on the outline level, I do not want any type of scene break between them. They’re the same scene to the reader, just with two parts.

How do I do this?

It sounds like we work the same way. I like to pick things apart even smaller than at scenes, and that means the Separators compile tool can no longer do this automatically. I could insert the scene space as an empty line in one of the files, but I don’t like that approach because it is rather invisible to me and thus very prone to user error.

So what I have done is created a “Scene break” template item. It’s just a file I can stick in between two others, which has the empty space in it. The name itself is “—” and I’ve made an asterisk custom icon for it. Attached is a project with it all set up so you can drag it in and test it for yourself in your project. First, to install the asterisk icon, open the icon manager from the Documents/Custom Icon/ sub-menu, and simply drag and drop it from the project list to your support folder list.

If that way of working appeals to you, you can go into the Separator compile settings, and change all of those to “Single return” instead of “Empty line”.

(Note, the scene break item I included has a snapshot with a “* * *” style scene break as well.) (37 KB)