Make Typinator create auto-detected [[Scrivener Links]]

Note: The Typinator text expansion utility, and the autodetection of Scrivener links are only available on the Mac as of this post.

If you want to make a Typinator expansion create a scrivener link without having to type all the brackets, here’s a nifty trick that I just stumbled on:

In the expanded text, you need to trigger the left & right cursor movement before the second closing square bracket. Here’s a sample Typinator expansion:
[[Document Name]{left}{right}]

Without the left & right cursor movement, Scrivener will not transform the bracketed Document Name into a link, leaving it as ordinary text as if you pasted the entire “[[Document Name]]” string into the editor.

If the expanded text is always unique (maybe you have Typinator insert the date & time, or an auto-incrementing number), add in a {return} keystroke just after the closing bracket. This will effectively click the OK button on the “Create New Linked Document” drop-down window in the folder presented by that window. You’ll probably want to ‘hand-create’ a new link just so you can set the default folder into which these files are created before you use this trick. Also of interest; you can make Scrivener open this newly created document in the other editor, and your cursor will be moved there, ready for you to start typing. I’ve experiemented with adding text for Typinator to continue to expand, after the {return}, and that works as well, which might be useful.

Note that new documents created this way will still do so according to the Documents->Default New Subdocument Type setting of their container, which allows you to start with whatever document template you might find handy.

Scrivener PREFERENCE settings of note:
Navigation tab:
Create back-link references when creating Scrivener Links and references
Open newly created Scrivener Links in…

Corrections tab:
Automatically detect [[Scrivener links]]