Make view button on main toolbar do something


Recently upgraded to Scrivener 3 and for the most part loving it. One point of frustration, however, is that there is no longer a one-click option to open and close the binder as there was in Scrivener 1.9. Considering I used to do this a lot, the extra click (view and then binder) has been a minor point of frustration in using the software. (and yes, I know there is a keyboard shortcut… I just keep forgetting what it is! Old habits die hard).

Indeed, the view button on the main toolbar currently does nothing, which feels a bit strange to me: that is, to open the menu you have to click on the down arrow - but the main button itself is currently useless. This feels counter-intuitive to me: why have a button if clicking it does nothing?

This is minor in the grand scheme of things, but it is a bit frustrating to have to specifically click the arrow and have the main button do nothing. My suggestion would either to have the button set to open and close the binder (and then if you want to open something different, you’d click on the down arrow, as is already the case) or at the very last, have it open the view options so that you don’t have to specifically click on the arrow.

Otherwise, happy with all the new functionality that Scrivener 3 adds :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree with this. Toggling the Binder is a frequent enough occurrence for me that it would warrant a button. In the end, though, I mostly use keyboard shortcuts, and I’m content with Alt-Shift B.