making chapters?

I’m using the Novel Format. Having built quite a bit of text in Pages, I’m looking for a way to move this text into Scrivener.

I copied a huge block of text from Pages into a Scene, which seemed like a logical start. I’d like to find a way to divide this text into multiple scenes.

I thought about duplicating everything into many scenes and then deleting the appropriate parts in each, but surely there’s a better way?


Look at the Document->Split at menu choices. Those will create a new document in your binder starting where your cursor is when you use that function. I believe that’s covered in the introductory video tutorial. I highly recommend that you watch that one at least. The videos give great introduction to what scrivener can do for you.

Probably, yes! Try putting your cursor in between two scenes, and then using the Documents/Split/at Selection menu command—and note there is a handy keyboard shortcut for this, Cmd-K. When you split, all of the properties of the current file are carried into the next. I’m not sure if you’ve explored the Inspector much yet, but there are things like keywords, labels, and so on that can be used to help you find individual scenes later on by character, POV, and so on—whatever you need. These are optional features, and you should feel no pressure to use them unless you need them—the only reason I bring it is up is to point out that if you are thinking of use them, it is important to know that Split will copy these attributes to the new half of the file. Thus, if you have some common things you wish to say about this group of scenes, it’s best to do so up front, to avoid having to batch apply stuff later on.

Split will leave you in the bottom half, so you can just quickly run down a long document, hitting Cmd-K as needed, and in the end you’ll have a trail of scene files behind you.

The sibling command, “with Selection as Title” is useful if you’ve got your scenes labelled in some way, but generally it will be more useful for when breaking things into chapters before going down to scenes. Since chapters usually have a printed name in the word processor file, you can select that name, and use the alternate split command to automatically name the new file half as whatever you had selected. The selection remains highlighted for you after the split, so you can quickly delete it if necessary.