Making comments/footnotes invisible?


is there a way to hide comments and footnotes when working on a document, so it is possible to have a version of the text you are working on that is not cluttered with highlighted text?


Use Inspector notes and comments instead of Inline, and close the Inspector.


Thanks Martin,

When I close the Inspector, the document text still has at least one word highlighted for each comment or footnote.

Is there a way to view the text that makes these highlighted words invisible?

In Project > Text Preferences… you can change the footnote marker (default is asterisk). I don’t think you can change comments, but I may be wrong.



No, there’s no way to do this.

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This is a major weakness that really irritates me.

I don’t want to be writing and editing on a page with yellow highlighted words distracting me.

But I need the comments/notes to mark terms or locations or descriptions that I need to keep track of for later edits, identification, clarification.

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If you go into the Appearance section of the options, you can change the background color of the comments (or inline footnotes or whatever you’re using) to something more innocuous than the yellow. It doesn’t make them go away completely (the red brackets on the edges are still there), but if you change it to the same color as your background it makes them stand out a LOT less as you’re going through the file. That might help lessen the distraction while you’re writing.

I cannot find this option. In preferences/appearances there is a box down the bottom for customisable colours. But none of them changes the background yellow colour of the comments… :blush:

I’m using the Windows version so it’s probably a bit different on the Mac version, but here’s where the option is for me:

It also only seems to apply to comments made after you change it, so it doesn’t change the color of any comments you already had in the document.

Devian - thanks for all that effort. I have thoroughly looked through the equivalent section on the mac and this comment background thing doesn’t exist :frowning:

It’s handled differently in the Mac version, so rather than setting the new default colour in the preferences, you just need to right-click an existing comment and change its colour; then new comments will use that colour until you again change a colour. You can select multiple comments to change their colour simultaneously (even loading a Scrivenings session to select comments across documents).