Making it easier to identify the location of comments and footnotes in the inspector

If I am in the “inspector” and click on a footnote or comment the corresponding item is briefly highlighted in the document by a change of color and is thus easily found. But if I click on a footnote or comment in the document the inspector opens but the corresponding item is not briefly highlighted by a color instead an almost imperceptible enhancement with a slightly darker and heavier line in the box surrounding the text. It is hard to see if the inspector is already open and impossible to see if the inspector is closed and then just briefly opens and then closes when you click on an item. Is it possible to make it easier to see where the footnotes and comments are in the inspector if I click on it in the document?

This is better in Scrivener 3, the “selected” comment/footnote border is now coloured and more salient, but there is no “animated” flash which would help even more. I suspect there is some technical limitation why there is no animation in the inspector whereas there is in the editor?

It doesn’t have to be an animated flash as long as I don’t have to squint to figure out where it is.

I am still having the same problem and finding it to be a nuisance. Is there a way of fixing this problem so that I can quickly spot where the footnote is in the Inspector?