Making links on iOS

I find the iOS version of Scrivener extremely helpful in allowing me to make many changes without using my laptop. Obviously the version has inevitable limitations but there is just one limitation that I find frustrating - that when I want to create a new link, I am presented with a long unstructured list of all the documents in my project (and I have many hundreds in my main project). This makes it quite tedious sometimes to reach the document I want.

Is there any possibility of presenting the document list in these circumstances as a hierarchy, so I could click down to find it ?


I’m glad you’re finding the iOS version helpful. The problem here is that there is no ideal solution, because presenting this panel as a hierarchy would be equally frustrating for projects with deep structures, since you would need to dig down every time, which would require multiple taps. On the other hand, I suppose that is how it works on the macOS version, but there you have easier ways of making links anyway (dragging from the binder).

An option might be best, allowing the user to choose the method. I’ve therefore added a note to my development notes to look at adding such an option, so that you could choose between a long list or a hierarchy. It will be a while before I get chance to look at implementing this, though, I’m afraid, simply because of the work I currently need to do on the macOS version for 10.14 preparation and the other things I have on my list for the iOS version once that is done.

All the best,

Hi Keith

Thank you for the positive reply. I have around a thousand documents in my main Scrivener project and a moderately deep hierarchy but would still like to drill down to find a link target. I can see though that your proposal for an option makes sense with a multipurpose app. Look forward to seeing the results in due course.