Making new index cards changes once I start making folders

Hello, I just bought Scrivener after trying several times to “wrap my head around it” before and failing.

The biggest problem I’m facing right now is that I’ve been making index cards in the corkboard, and that works fine, until I start putting them in folders, and then cmd+n stops making new cards (which is what I expect it to do) and takes me out of the corkboard view and into some kind of editing mode (not the outline mode).

I really want to be able to force Scrivener to “Stay in Corkboard Mode” until I tell it otherwise.

Am I missing something?


What happens when you press Cmd-N all depends on where your focus is in Scrivener - this confused me a little at first, too, but it’s no problems.

What’s happening, I suspect, is that you’re creating new folders in the Binder, then dragging your documents in, also via the Binder. Then, you hit Cmd-N - which when the mouse focus is on the Binder, by default opens a new file in its editing mode. Cmd-N when the focus is on the Corkboard creates the index card but stays locked to the Corkboard (i.e. it doesn’t open the document for editing).

Scrivener’s tutorial explains the relationship between folders, documents, and index cards (i.e. they’re all the same thing, potentially) far better than I can, so I suggest you work through it if you haven’t already.

@MarcustheBlacksmith Ah yes, precisely right.

Thanks for that, I thought I was going insane: “It works! No, wait, it doesn’t. It works! No, wait…”

Mouse focus is the culprit or cause or whatever you wish to call it.

Problem solved, or at least understood.