Making notes for a rewrite

Is there a simple way to make notes for a rewrite in a fashion that I can quickly tell if a scene has any notes for said rewrite?

For instance, I have a scene that I want to expand the text of an assembly, but I want to make some notes as to what I want it to include, but I want to be able to find that later without having to go through each chapter scene by scene…

I have a feeling that Scrivener already has some method of doing this, and it’s probably right in front of my face…

Any suggestions?

How are you using synopsis? That’s a not too shabby way to take notes, especially with the Find Synopsis feature since you can search for them easily, or add ones ones on the fly. But if you are already using them for something else that’s probably not the best approach. Linked comments wouldn’t make a bad alternative. Since you can see them in a big giant stack when using Scrivenings, it’s pretty easy to spot them and jump to the spot they related to by clicking on them. Even if you don’t use them to record all of your notes, you could use them to at least mark where further notes are kept; either in inline annotations or Document Notes.

Synopsis may be the best way, just place the word rewrite before the notes and then search for ‘rewrite.’ Maybe this is something that could be added but I have no clue what the best way to implement it would be…

I put all my notes for rewrites in inspector comments. This way, all I have to do is to display the whole text in Scrivenings mode and I see all notes in one list. One click on a note, and I am there.


My brain is not comprehending this… Last week was long, and I think I am just getting over that, but next week will be longer… What exactly do you mean ‘inspector comments’? Are you referring to ‘Document Notes’ or ‘Comments and footnotes’? I’m sure that one or the other would work, for specific scenes, and there is a ‘whole document overview’ thing when you look at the manuscript that would work for project wide ideas, so I think we may have this whole thing covered…

Maybe, though if you are just going to use the synopsis to hold a search keyword—you might as well use Keywords for that and set up a saved search collection tab for that keyword.

Comments that are created by the command Format → Comment (shortcut Shift-Command-*). They appear usually as yellow rectangles in the inspector area to the right side.

Comments & footnotes.

What I meant was: You click on the “Draft” folder in the binder and select View->Scrivenings (shortcut cmd-1) to have all you’ve written displayed as one long text stream. Then – supposed you have the inspector open and the area “comments und footnotes” selected – you’ll see all your comments, no matter where in the text they have been set, as one long list of comment boxes as well. And if you click on any comment, you jump exactly to the position in your text where the comment belongs to.

Far more useful than notes in the “document notes”, because those can’t be displayed as a whole.