Making PDF Research Documents Searchable in Scrivenrer for IOS

Big fan of Scrivener for Mac and IOS.

One key feature that is different in each is that PDF files saved in the Research folder are not searchable in SC IOS (as opposed to on the Mac, where they are fully searchable). With this limitation, using SC IOS means that you have to use DevonThink To Go or PDF Expert along with SC IOS to use SC IOS for work (if any research is needed from saved PDF research files).

For those of us with extensive PDF research files we are regularly searching to help with our writing in SC IOS (only good things to say about the sophistication and tools available to use in SC IOS for writing on the iPad), this is a major limitation.

Is there a way, that like with DT or PDF Exp, Scrivener will be able to introduce full search capabilities for PDFs in IOS, as are fully available in Scrivener on the Mac?

If this could happen, this would be a very significant step forward in SC IOS’s usability.

Would much appreciate your feedback on this question. Is this something that you are considering and working towards?

This is a Wish List thing, so maybe you should add it in there?

The L&L team seldom say in advance what they plan to include in future updates, unless they have already made a decision. They sometimes clearly state what is completely outside what they consider, and what will thus not be included in the future.

So not getting a definite ‘no’ could possibly be interpreted to mean ‘maybe, maybe not’. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion, and had not seen the wish list forum, but think will leave it at that, rather than reposting, and take hope in your view that silence can mean maybe…