Making Scrivener compatible with speech recognition.

I don’t use speech recognition software often, but I do use it sometimes when I’m struggling with carpal tunnel. I’ve thought about investing in Dragon Naturally speaking, but for now I just use the Windows 7 Speech recognition software. It works great in word and other programs, like yWriter but I tried it this morning for the first time with Scrivener and was disappointed to find that it doesn’t seem to work at all.

Is there any chance of making the software work with Windows 7 speech recognition? If not, does anyone know if Scrivener works well with any or all versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking? I’m not interested in investing a large amount of money in professional versions of Dragon since I only use it occasionally, but I might consider the less expensive home version if I knew for sure it would work with Scrivener.

This is not a Scrivener killer for me, because I do love Scrivener, but it will make it difficult to use Scrivener during those times when typing with my hands for long periods of time is not possible.

I’m not sure about Windows 7, since I’m using a Mac. But, I do use DragonDictate on the Mac. I sometimes have a few quibbles in “unsupported” text editors [i.e.: anything other than Dragon’s notebook and Text Edit]. But, I just open up a text edit window or use Dragon’s notebook and copy and paste into Scrivener.

Could this not work with Windows 7?

I could’ve sworn it does work with speech recognition? Someone was using it with it, but I’ll be damned if I can remember who it was.

I’ve used Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 (just to test, really) with Scrivener on Windows XP(3). I was impressed with the results, but have not used it on a long-term basis. Nuance has updated to 11.5, which is now available (not for current 11.0 users–they’re working on a free update but it hasn’t been released yet).

Thanks, but Windows 7 speech recognition doesn’t have its own text edit window. It simply does speech recognition in just about any windows program. It even works perfectly in the simple, freeware yWriter program, so I was shocked that it didn’t work at all in Scrivener. I could do all my writing in other programs and manually cut and paste into Scrivener but that renders Scrivener as nothing more than a storage space and not a full-fledged piece of writing software. I want to be able to use Scrivener itself, even when using speech recognition.

Thanks for the information on Dragon Naturally Speaking. If Scrivener has no plans to make their software work with the Windows 7 speech recognition software, I may go ahead and invest in the Dragon software. I just wanted to confirm that people have been able to use it successfully with Scrivener before making that investment.

I would still like to hear from someone at Scrivener about making it work with Windows 7 speech recognition before I invest in another software package. If the guy who makes yWriter can make his small program work with Windows 7 speech recognition, it couldn’t be that hard to do. But then again, I have no idea.

Has there been any update on this? I’m using the latest Windows beta and I tried using Windows 7 Speech to Text last night and it does not work properly in Scrivener.

This is a critical feature for some of us NaNoWriMos out here!

I’d like to second this. I found somewhere in another post that compatibility with Dragon was in the works, but I know I’m not going to be able to use Dragon at what are rather prohibitive prices for a college student. Windows Speech Recognition works fine for me… but not in Scrivener. I can actually operate the program (click menu items) and tell it to type letters one by one, but the dictation function doesn’t work. Says that “that operation is not available,” as if it doesn’t recognize Scrivener as a word processor. I wonder if it would be possible for the Scrivener for Windows team to make a patch for this? It would be very helpful!

Another vote for native speech recognition support on Windows. I’m using both Vista (desktop) and Windows 7 (laptop). I still mostly type, but things are catching up with me and I also want to be able to use my platforms’ native speech input and navigation.

Adding my request Dragon Naturally Speaking compatibility to the rest. I just finished NaNo, made it all the way to clearing 50k, and had a blast - and the tendinitis in my hands and wrists is blazing. I splurged on Naturally Speaking 11.5 and it’s amazing… and I’d love to use it with Scrivener when I purchase my license next month.

After a month pounding away with Scrivener, all I can say is, “wow.” It’s an amazing piece of software.

I’m using Scrivener for Windows, Version 1.0.2 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10.10 and haven’t had a problem doing so.

I’ve been interested to catch up on Scrivener and Dragon Naturally Speaking posts - and especially what ‘Shakespeare’ has posted. I use Scrivener 1.0.2 and have tried to use DNS 11.5 with it. I have queried whether Scrivener is Speak&Say - which it isn’t! My results are patchy, and when working creatively can be quite tiresome. You might get a run at a couple of sentences but it won’t flow easily. I write professionally and I’d very much like Scrivener (Windows) to really have a go at fixing this for all of us ‘damaged’ writers. The only thing I can suggest is use DragonPad, then Copy and Paste into Scrivener - and then you have to Compile it all into Word. If anyone wants to work professionally you must submit in Word. So, as you can see, it can be a bit of a performance. Hope this might help some of you make a decision before spending hard-earned cash.

I’m using scrivener for windows version 1.0.3and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 point 5.
It works well except for being a little slow but that’s probably because I have a lot going on right now and Dragon is memory intensive.

This is dictated into Dragon and then into this window in Firefox.

End of dictation.

<The above was dictated and unedited. This part was typed. – Al>
<P.S. It works with Scrivener, too. Just keep the focus where it belongs.>

I too am using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 on Windows 7 and dictating directly into Scrivener 1.0.3.

It’s fantastic to be able to dictate most of my writing. I still use the keyboard to edit everything of course.

Hope this helps.

I’m using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version 11.5, Premium Edition, with Scrivener Version 1.0.3.

I haven’t used it extensively because I’m just getting started, but it does seem to work.

I, too, use Dragon when my wrists start acting up. This past week I’ve been in meetings taking copious notes, and one hand is really hurting. This seems like a good time to experiment.

I’ll try to post later with the results.


P.S. I used Dragon to compose part of this message in Scrivener and then copied and pasted it here.


I ordered DNS Home yesterday, before thinking of searching the forum before. Glad to read that it should be working fine with Scrivener (Windows).

What I am a little bit afraid of is how I will have to change my way of thinking. I find it much easier to transcribe my thoughts than to speak them out loud first. Somehow my speaking seems to influence my free thoughts. If everything goes wrong though, I would still have the possibility to write it down first (pen and paper you know? :wink:) like I do it very often and the dictate it later.

Any opinions, suggestions or comments about your personal workflow would be very much appreciated.


Hi everyone,
I made a comment last November about Dragon Nat Speaking. Necessity forced me to try Scriv with DNS 11.5. Preferred. With MS Word pretty good results (with provisos) and with Scrivener - mostly acceptable. My b.g is scriptwriting but have not put Scriv/DNS together for that yet. I switched from contemporary adv/thriller novels (where I had OK results) to medieval novels a year ago - with iffy results with Scriv. The issue with Scrivener and DNS - for me - is that because Scrivener is not ‘Speak&Say’ compatible foreign names and words are a problem. I don’t want to make this post to be all about DNS because there are issues. My advice if you are ‘stream-of-consciousness-rattling-it-off’ is don’t take your eyes off the screen! Gobbledegook can replace your priceless thoughts and prose! I am still very much a beginner with Scrivener but am enjoying it and yes, I use DNS - but I spend a lot of time re-writing with the keyboard.
Good luck

What you can do if there are many words dns doesn’t know, use easy placeholder names and do a simple search&replace afterwards. Let’s say you have something ‘Ugulala’ for a horse-name, then say ‘unicorn’ instead. It is important to keep the words coming out like in a flow.

What l like to do, is to write it all down in a notebook (a real one :wink:) and then read it out loud (dictating) it to dns. Works fine.

Does dictation work with OSX, mountain lion, which ust came out

You’re in the Windows forum … as a Mac user, you’d get more chance of a reply if you posted in the Mac forums. And then again, if Mountain Lion has just come out, I would make a bet that hardly anybody has upgraded to it yet, and so …


hi all I know this post is old but I have XP (sp3) and vista on my laptop does does Dragon 12 home or premium work with scrivener 1,2,5.0 or does window 7 speech recognition work with it.