Making Scrivener links from selected text

I honestly tried searching the archives to see if this has been brought up previously, but I was informed that every word in “scrivener links from selected text” returned too many hits.

So, my feature request:
I find myself spending rather too long navigating the drop-down (and drop-sideways) context menu when trying to link various selected words to a Scrivener filename.
For example, a character or place name needs to be turned into an internal link to point to the file that has the same name as the selected text. As it stands, there is neither a keyboard shortcut to do that or bring up the correct context menu, nor is there an automated conversion that does it.

I know that trying to program a nearest-spelling heuristic is quite time consuming and not actually what I want - I’m only looking for exact spelling match to be able to link directly to file names. e.g.
“When Charlemagne marched his army of Cybermen to the Moon, they met Ming the Merciless. Ming then launched his electric aeronefs towards Paris…”
Assuming the file name was “Ming the Merciless”, only the first link to Ming would qualify for the one-step link.

Hmm, it might be possible to have some suggestions at the top of the Scrivener Links menu in the contextual menu of the text view, based on the current selection. That would be quite a good idea. I can’t promise anything, but I’ve added it to my list of things to look at for the next update. It would certainly make such cases easier.