Making sections appear as one block of text again?

It used to be when I clicked on a section heading, all of the text in the subsections would appear as one block of text as if they were on the same page.

Now when I do that, I see only page icons instead of text.

How do I return to being able to read my entire book as one continuous document?

Sounds like you changed from Scrivenings mode to Corkboard mode. At the top of your screen, there should be three buttons, the one on the left being a piece of paper, the one in the middle being a corkboard with a couple cards, and the on on the right being an outline. If the middle one is highlighted, you’re in Corkboard mode. Click the left one to get back to Scrivenings.

… and the left one, Scrivenings mode, can be toggled to show only the text within the document you click on in the Binder, or the content in all subdocuments as well.

That works, thanks!