Making Sidebar Font Larger?

Just downloaded Scrivener and am very excited to get to using it. But unfortunately the sidebar text is painfully small for me, small enough to make the tool unusable as my eyesight is not perfect. I’m really hoping there is a way to increase the systemic font of the tool.

I’m sorry if this is addressed elsewhere. Magnified screenshot of the text I mean:



As a Mac user I shouldn’t really be responding, but I would like to help if I can.

Have you looked in the general preferences, or whatever the dialog where you can set up much of the behaviour of the app is called under Windows? A further problem is that the whole preference system has just been overhauled on the Mac to be much easier to work with, so it probably bears little relation to the Windows version as that would presumably have been based on the previous incarnation.

Suffice it to say that in the global preferences on the Mac, you can set the Binder font separately from the editor font and of whatever size suits you. If you can’t find such an option at the moment, it will be coming at some point, as the goal is feature parity between the two versions.


Sylvie -

Assuming you’re on Windows…

Under Tools | Options choose Appearance. The window on the bottom right gives you control of the fonts.

Choose General, then Binder, then select font. You can change the size and the actual font used there.

Major Major,

Much relieved. Wow, I’m super impressed that this can be customized to this degree. A very big deal. I’m so looking forward to all the other things this software can do!

(I should have been able to find that, I did go to General Preferences, but when in a new environment things do look a little overly complex, glad you guys could help me out so quickly.)



Sylvie -

Glad to help. It is a bit overwhelming at first.