Making Text Files read-only?

Is it possible to make text documents read-only? I have documents in my project I’d like to consult/copy from without the chance of modifying them. Everything I have wanted in novel-writing software is already implemented in Scrivener, so I’m sure it’s in there somewhere, but I can seem to find it…

This is a workaround that does what you want. Save, compile, or print the documents as pdf, then import them into your Scrivener project. You can copy the text but outside of some highlighting the pdf will be proof against editing.

Or simply take a snapshot — I use titled snapshots — so that if you do modify them by mistake, you can roll back to the original.

Mr X

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve used snapshots, but I don’t like the fact that there’s no easy way to see that I haven’t (in my clumsy copying) carelessly added a C or other stray character somewhere in the text. The pdf idea, albeit inelegant, should work well. Thanks again.