Making the Linux Scrivener an official port

Hi Literature & Latte,

fist, let me tell you that I really appreciate the Linux version of Scrivener. But why is it still “unofficial” and not as official as the Windows edition? Nowadays, the Linux version feels a bit of “2nd class edition”… :slight_smile:

That would be because Lee took pity on us, when a few of us were getting it running under WINE (which actually isn’t difficult–Guild Wars 2 is far more complicated). He compiled a Linux version as an unofficial thing, and the rest is history. It’s still in beta–the Windows one takes precedence–but we benefit from bugfixes there, since the code is essentially the same. I think we got the sci-fi interface language translation before the Windows folks, though. :wink:

I think they’re planning on eventually releasing a Linux version. Given the Windows one was in beta a good year, I’d expect the same for the Linux one.

I will still buy a copy of the official Linux port if/when it comes out… and I know I’m not the only one.