Making the New Project window go away

I realize why the “Create a New Project/Open an Existing Project/ etc.” dialog box automatically comes up when I start Scrivener, but is there a way to make it go away without quitting the app entirely? Is it now the case that if I want Scrivener running, I need to either have a project open or that window smack dab in the middle of my desktop?

In Preferences, under General tab, check the second option down in the Startup Options section. Make sure that is unchecked. Scrivener should now act like 1.11 in regards to presenting an empty interface when nothing is going on.

I, too, would like to ditch the splash screen once I close a project but not the program. The only thing I can think of… and do… is Command H to hide it. You can still access it by command tabbing through the open programs.


Edit: Thanks Amber! I missed that preference. (We posted almost at the same time.)

Many thanks, Amber!