Making title for ToC bold

I’ve finally switched over to Scrivener 3 (I avoided it for ages because the compiler drove me nuts), and I think I’ve finally got the results to look like my old Scrivener 2 compiles except for one issue. When using the auto-generated ToC, the title ends up left justified and not bold, and I can’t for the life of me work out how to centre it and make it bold. In Scrivener 2, this just happened. Does anyone know of a way to format the ToC title in Scrivener 3?

In the compile format designer, go to the Styles pane. If you started creating your compile format by duplicating an existing format, you may find some styles already listed here; if there’s a Page Title style, you can just select and modify that. Otherwise, create a new style from the “+” button at the top right. Select “Paragraph+Character” style and name it “Page Title” (or whatever you prefer) and use the editor below to format the sample text the way you want your ToC header to appear.

Once that’s done, switch to the HTML Elements pane and set the Page title style to the style you just set up. Now that will be used for the automatically generated table of contents (and also for the endnotes page title, if there is one).

Thanks so much for your help! That worked perfectly, and I’d never have found it on my own!