Male? Female? Only the computer knows for sure.

Not that anyone on this forum is liable to be uncertain, and not that anyone here or anywhere else need pay much attention to the results… there is a quick on-line test you can take to determine your male-female ratio. It analyzes your web browser history, and from that deduces whether you are more likely to be male or to be female.

As it does scan your browser history, you might want to check before admitting to where you’ve been. Or maybe you want to brag.

I was relieved to find that the odds were 98 to 1 that I was male. That sounds about right to me.


I must be a real loooser†. 48-52 with “man” winning. Probably doesn’t help that I only go 3 places. Scriv, work, google (and use the cache to view).

Let the vic-k based ridicule begin sigh

[size=75]Jacqi will understand that this is a looong o that dominates the Ohio valley. Think boozer and but oo-ier and you get the idea. Oh the joys of too many years in the midwest.[/size]

I’m apparently 51% male… news to me!

Of course, my computer doesn’t save its browse history for very long, so I only had a half dozen items in the list.

Madam/Mrs/Miss/Ms janra,
Your results of 51/49 indicate that: in an homogeneous grouping, you would expect to be regarded as the Alpha Female, and treated as such. In an heterogeneous coupling, on the other hand, yours would be the dominant personality, seeking and probably insisting on, and indeed probably obtaining, subservience from the male. You are the archetypal, ‘Dominant Female.’
Take care
Dr Mulality


Le D :smiling_imp:

85% male



  • who did have a dangly bit removed last Monday, but firmly believes this has nothing to do with anything.

Right!! That`s it!! No more bloody Guardians!! :open_mouth:

It`s the Daily and Sunday Sport from now on!!

I have history dumped frequently as well, so my list was rather small. Interestingly, the most “male heavy” sites on my list were all critique and review aggregates like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. I’m 30% male thanks to all that jazz!

NOw let’s all step back a minute. Last time I checked SOME of us have XY chromosomes. So wouldn’t it actually be proper for that segment of homo-sapien to be 50/50 split?

Seems to me that vic-ky and I are right where we are supposed to be.

Which of course means that we are wrong. It defies the laws of all that is natural for us to be correct. At the same time.

[size=50]Ha ha ha[/size] [size=150]PFERRRRRT!![/size]

…news to me!

I’m generally the quiet one who gets stuff done in the background.

As does Iago, my Lady janra 8)

Le D :smiling_imp:

100% Certifiable

Something’s really weird here. According to this, I’m 67 percent female & 33 percent male because I recently visited the LLBean, U.S. Department of Labor and a “fan fiction” websites (supposedly “female”) and the National Weather Service, Cleveland Plain Dealer and IMDB websites, and checked out my husband’s band on YouTube (supposedly “male”)! :question:

As we say here in the Midwest, Ooooooo-kaaaay. :confused:

I wonder if it would have made a difference if the calculator took into account the fact that my order from LLBean included two mosquito nets, a Swiss Army knife and a portable weather radio in preparation for a nearly weeklong wilderness canoe camping trip in the Adirondacks? :wink: Sounds like one of those traditional “male” activities, right? :unamused:

I think I’d prefer “dominant female”! :mrgreen:

[size=150]WOT DANGLY BIT!!![/size] :open_mouth:


A feeding tube that I had in my abdomen, that would dangle nicely down my leg.

They pulled it out, very painless. I suspect the most painless removal of any dangly bit.

I had quite a lot of fun whipping it out of my trousers and shocking my friends with my dangly bit. But alas! It had to go.
It sits on my shelf now, in a transparent plastic bag.



I was just about to remove the post, as it occurred to me, the question couldve been a bit indelicate. :blush: But! Youve beat me to it.
Im not going to pry as to, 'why', the need for the dangly bit. Ill just take it as read, that, its removal, indicates a successful resolution to the problem that necessitated its insertion. :wink:
Goed Geluk. Neem Zorg Tanja

53% female. Time for a serious checkout of my sexual life.
Paolo (Paola?)

Well, calling it a ‘dangly bit’ myself already made me open for indelicacy, which while having that tube made it a lot more fun for me :slight_smile:

The ‘why’ is no big secret from my side: I had a prophylactic total gastrectomy due to high risk of basically untreatable gastric cancer due to a genetic mutation that runs in my family. It turned out not so prophylactic. I needed a feeding tube for a while to make sure the re-plumbing healed up nicely and to not lose (too much) weight.
The plumbing has healed, I can eat again, though only little bits. :stuck_out_tongue:
As a writer this whole thing blows my mind sometimes, who could make this stuff up!

Dankjewel, vic


If y wanna do [i]'surreal'[/i], do, [i]'real-life'[/i] :wink: Lets hope all go well, for you. :slight_smile:
Neem Zorg