Male? Female? Only the computer knows for sure.

  1. The calculation makes the dubious assumption that the different domains you visit are, probabilistically speaking, independent events. This is clearly false if you include sites like Google, because you go there precisely to get yourself to, say, the L.L. Bean web site.

  2. Without being able to take site frequency into account, the gender prediction is easily thrown. (Adding a visit to on top of my time spent at Epicurious threw it pretty badly.) It estimated that there was an 84% chance of my being female (16% male).

  3. However, if you throw site visit frequency into the mix, it is sobering to see how your data gets mined. I copied my search History from Safari’s bookmarks area, and filtered it down to those sites that the site-gender analyzer can handle, but retaining repetitions. I then fed the results directly to the php behind the site-gender analyzer page to gather the “gender bias” of all the relevant domain. I then ran the probability calculation over the numbers myself, so I could chart a running probability estimate.

In the attached chart, you can see clearly how the guess at gender improves as we add more data points. After about 500 site assessments, the algorithm is essentially certain that the surfer is Male (bingo!), and you can see that over the next half-again as many data points, it moves very little off of that assessment.

500 data points and you’re nailed. Score another one for data mining. :neutral_face:


“My god, how the data rolls in!”

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Indeed, I didn’t say what was getting done, or who it was done for…

Mon Directeur, vous avez bien l’idée 8)

Hmm. That gives me an idea… Heeeere, vic-k. Come here, boy! Nice doggie.

I wouldn`t count on it, buddy! :imp:

Mosquito netting? I recommend sheet metal for that neck of the woods. Those suckers have been used to speed up the mummification process.

As you fly by wave. Thanks for visiting.

I did wave! And thanks, too - the “ponds” of the St. Regis Canoe Wilderness were absolutely gorgeous!

I put “ponds” in quotation marks because they’d be called “lakes” in a lot of areas. We finally figured out that in Jaysen’s neck of the woods, if you can stand on one shore of a body of water and easily discern the opposite shore, it’s a “pond.” If you can’t, it’s a “lake!” However they’re defined, they’re well worth a couple of hard portages with the canoe and gear.

And Jaysen - order some stuff called “jungle juice” online. Not even the deer flies would come near that stuff.

Plus, I’d bet that any online search for high-powered insect repellant might boost one’s “male” quotient! :mrgreen:


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I wonder if this is “data collecting”. After all you are giving permission to a website no one knows who owns to go on your computer and “scan” your history". After it scans and collects that information I wonder if it is selling that information to marketing research companies…

The way the script works, any web site you visit could be doing the same. They do not actually have access to your search history per se, but they are using a trick to get something like that: The web page opens an (i)frame that you never see and into which it can load another web page. It has a list of web sites (like and it loads these one after the other in the background (it is fast because it does not have to render them on-screen). With each page it loads, it checks to see if your browser treats any of the links on that site page as “visited” (on many sites this shows by having the link alter color). If there are any visited links, the script knows you have been to that site since your browser history was last cleared. Sneaky, yes?

By the way, scrolling through the list of sites the script checks (they are listed in the .js file the script uses), I noticed at least one site that is almost surely a porn site–no doubt a strong indicator of gender–which means all of you that ran that script have been surreptitiously porn surfing. :blush:

Hey hey, not to worry. It doesn’t appear that the iframe-loaded sites get logged in your browser history, though heaven knows what sorts of cookies you might have eaten…


Moonshine, I can see, but the “Jungle Juice” is so incredibly toxic that even the mosquitos said, “eeew!”

And GR, thanks for the warning. I’ve never surfed anything approaching porn, and I certainly don’t like some stupid site implying I ever did. (Hmmm. Libel?) :imp: I’ll erase all cookies, etc., post-haste!

Like I said, these two, backwoods rednecks, drink that stuff. Theyll drink anything. If they each had a palate, which they havent, they`d be of the jaded and jaundiced variety.
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Now listen here you. I’ll have you know that I do have a palate, and it is not jaded or jaundiced. It is rough cut and does a great job keep my firewood off the ground. Wait a minute, you mean that taste thing, not the pallet that we have. Hmm… not so sure what condition that is in. Let it suffice to say dogs will eat anything. And I mean ANYTHING. I believe you are truly turning into a full blown cast iron cooking vessel lately.

Mdm Jacqi, let me assure you we that are forced into being northerners have no recourse to chemical deterrents. We have an all natural and FREE solution. It is a little economic benefit that we have as not alone do we get free “blood letting relief”, but we small business owners get to profit from this particular “winged leech” repellent.

I have to stick up for the “backwoodsmen.” As I understand it, many of the various permutations of “white lightning,” “mountain dew,” etc., can be pretty darned good, and nobody raised on the 'shine would stoop to imbibe Sterno or (worse), Jungle Juice insect repellant.

It’s not just Southerners transplanted north of the Mason-Dixon line, either; during Prohibition, one of my great uncles had his own corn-mash still tucked away in the swamp out beyond the fields of Great Grandma’s farm here in Northeast Ohio. :wink:

I’m a latecomer to this thread, but good to know I’m all female (73% chance!).

I was born in Ohio, btw. Cleveland (yes, I’ve heard all the jokes). My grandmother had a farm in Massilon (sp?) Ohio. I barely remember it since we left Ohio when I was 13 and she sold the farm well before that. No moonshine that I remember. But my sister remembers my grandmother cutting off chicken heads and the bodies running around for a while. Sounded like great fun, but sadly I don’t remember that (yikes!!! I’d probably have been scarred for life, since I can’t even bear to see an ant get squished :open_mouth: ).


Hey, Alexandria! Good to see you again! Let me give you the traditional Cleveland greeting: PARMA! :mrgreen:

Ah, yes. Massillon. A place so steeped in the tradition of high school football (the American type) that all little boys born in Massillon Community Hospital may still, to this day, be given little baby-sized orange plastic footballs! (Talk about perpetuating stereotypical gender roles!)

Woo doggy. I usually use old palettes fer bon fires, portable steps to a friends airstream, to raise my half stack off the floor in case it rains real hard. Many uses fer old palettes.

As to ol’ moonshine you can also use it as paint stripper, carb cleaner, engine starter, fire starter, emergency truck fuel, sedative, pain killer, Beauty enhancer, and nothing else a monetary item fer trade.

PS: THere should not be any porn left on the internet. I downloaded the whole internet and all the interent porn and copied it onto a 3.5" floppy because that is how I roll. :-0

Yep! Nothing burns better in a bonfire than a pallet! Old kitchen cabinets come close… :mrgreen:

Pesky shine soaked tax collectors burn rather brightly as well. :smiling_imp: