Male pattern baldness

Oh. My. God. I’ve just shaved my hair on a number 2, which I haven’t done since I was around 20. Suddenly I realised it’s a [i]lot[/o] thinner that I ever noticed when it was longer. Please, those with male pattern baldness, make a 35-year-old feel better about his impending life of not much hair… :slight_smile:


You could try not writing as much code. All the programmers I know are bald, but all the ops guys and managers have hair. Could be a coincidence. Could be too late.

Welcome to the club! :smiley:

I’ve been shaving my head since 2001, when it finally just started getting too thin to look any good with a normal hairstyle.

I used to have hair halfway down to my waist (vive la heavy metal), but every male on my father’s side of the family is bald as a coot, so I knew it couldn’t last. I’d been steeling myself for it since I was about 15 years old :wink: And I cut off the long hair in the mid-90s anyway, just going with short back and sides for a few years until The Great Receding began.

Anyway; you’re in good company! Just remember, baldness is a symptom of excess testosterone. Grah!

A man over 35 whose hair isn’t thinning/receding tends to look less… manly. Every woman will tell you that.

I had ne’er a shred of hair loss until 35++ and began to think I was condemned to look like one of my Welsh aunties, until, fortunately, I discovered one day that my hairline was more or less the same but had move northward an inch or so. Since then it has been on a Ranulph Fiennes-style Great Polar Trek and I am profoundly relieved. I mean what looks worse than some old guy with a full bouffant barnet?

Comb overs. Hands down. Even a (good) rug is better than a comb over.


:slight_smile: Thanks!

Antony - like you, when I was younger I had long hair (not quite to my waist, but long). I shaved it off when I was 22, but I’ve always been in denial in a “I wouldn’t ever want long hair again - I’m too old - but if I really wanted to grow it…” kind of way.

Michael - I remember you making that point in Big Babies and I take solace from it.

All the best,

This thread should be re-christened:

[size=150]The Eggshell Blonds Mutual Support and Choral Society`.

Bodybuilders who take steroids and testosterone suffer from MPB. Test turns into Dihydrotestosterone which enables/encourages the shedding of hair.
Apart from Propecia and other pills and lotions they also use Nizoral which is a shampoo for criminally dangerous dandruff. It is expensive for a shampoo £8-10 but if it saves your hair and your self image its damn cheap.


Surely that depends on whether you consider your hairline to be a vital part of your image? :wink:


I am still “me” with or without hair.
I just like to have a choice of hairstyles.

Currently wearing a pompadour with full DA.

Well, in a way I wouldn’t mind a little thinning. No one in my family is bald and most o us have manes that make lions envious. Think Grizzly Adams and you are almost there. We either keep shoulder length or longer or get a “0” buzz every week. I recently switched to the buzz. Every 8 days I have to submit to a shearing that would make a sheep feel nervous.

Then again I can always embarrass my kids by doing the “living my youth” 80’s big hairstyle.

I can assure you that you will get no sympathy whatsoever from any male with MPB, so don’t even try :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not the hair that makes the person but rather what it is attached to.

I have many older friends who shave their hair do to receding hairlines, balding, etc.

I “buzz” mine myself.

Saves money on shampoo and conditioner, water usage, and saves time in the shower.

All that mental thinking (coding) that is causing Cranial Global Warming which is burning the roots of the hair follicles up from the inside. Douse the body with massive doses of caffeine and beer to to keep cranial temperatures at good operating temperatures.

This is the elephant in the room.

Nobody mentions the use of beer, caffeine and cheap recycled cooking oil in order to maintain healthy hair and complexion. Not to mention our obvious attraction to the opposite sex.

I am glad you came out of the shower.



Most of mine elected for separation during my thirties, emigrating south to my chin and leaving the capacious conk with an appearance that’s vaguely reminiscent of a lunar landscape. A few strands took to bivouacking on - and in - my ears where they still persist like some sparse grey mountain lichen, defeating all efforts to destroy them. The few faithful follicles that have remained in their allotted pores suffer the indignity of frequent and extremely close pruning. It’s the only gardening I do.

A convenient likeness follows the colon: 8)

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So the Red Lion has a poetic license too huh? My my, the lengths the pub trade will go to just to survive. :open_mouth:

Needs must, M`sieur Le Bete. Times are hard! Tis all down to the Sub-Prime Mortgage debacle in the States. :frowning:

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