Malware detected on sending or receiving Scrivener files via email.


My friend couldn’t send me his script to read via email as it got intercepted as malware by my provider. I had to turn off my protection to receive it! See how the email then came in - attached here.

Similarly, I couldn’t send it back to him - after I’d made some comments/amendments, as my provider wouldn’t let it be sent due to the malware detection.

I can get round it by sending via gmail - but that isn’t the point.

I have the latest version - and I made him update - re-boot and restart his - but it hasn’t helped.

Any suggestions:

a) how he can clear the problem his end, or
b) how I can ‘clean’ the file to send back till he does.

PS. Files written from scratch from my side seem to be fine
Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 15.36.00.png
Malware Scriv.pdf (16.2 KB)
Malware Scriv.pdf (16.2 KB)

What’s in the project?

A brand new Scrivener project – with no user data – contains several subfolders, an XML file used to build the Binder, and maybe a few RTF files depending on which template was used. Anything else is entirely the responsibility of the user.


Nothing else. Just a Scrivener screenplay

I’d report this to your security software as a false positive. Unless there’s something wonky in the Research part of the project, the files in question are just text.