Manage Compile Format Presets?


I have looked everwhere for this in the windows version, but it doesn’t seem to exist.

How do I delete compile fomats that I have saved but now want to delete in the Windows version of Scrivener?

There is nothing in the dropdown menu in the “Format As” part when you compile.

I assume that these settings must at least be saved in one of the root install folders of Scrivener.

So if I want to manually delete these then what what folder in the install of Scrivener stores these settings, so I can go in an delete them?

Or is there actually a simple way of doing this that I am missing?


These are stored in your AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener\CompileSettings folder. With Scrivener closed, remove the .ini file that corresponds to the preset you wish to remove, and the next time you use Compile you should see it removed.

You can do this from within the Scrivener interface by clicking the “Load Preset…” button in compile. In the dialog that opens, you can import, export, and delete custom presets.

Thanks. That worked :slight_smile:

On this note 2 features for the wishlist would be:

1/ A way of deleting these easily from within the interface itself.

2/ The program too also bring up a list of current presets when you start to save a modified version of one you are currently using. At the moment you have to remember the EXACT way you saved it. Otherwise you end up with multiple files and it ends up confusing. If it brought up the current list as you typed, then you could just select it to be overwritten, which would be preferable.