Manage icons?

I am setting up some custom icons for myself and successfully followed the instructions to do this, but now I have a long list of icons and was trying to work out if there was some way of sorting them into folders (as has now been done with some of the program - book, characters, flags etc.).
There doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to manage custom icons beyond loading them into the application support or project package windows. (I’m using v2.2).
Is that right?



Yes, there’s a trick to doing this. Just set the icon name to the name you want for the folder, with the name you want for the menu item in brackets. For instance:

Foo (Bar).png

Would appear as:

Foo > Bar

(You can rename the icons inside the Manage Icons… panel - file extensions don’t appear there, so you would just rename it to e.g. “Foo (Bar)”.)

Hope that helps.

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This should be documented now in the newer versions of the manual. §8.5.3 in the 2.2 revision. If you’ve been using a downloaded copy of the user manual, try getting a new copy from the Help menu.

Thanks, that is excellent news.

And good call, it is not documented in the version of the help manual I have been using (and marked up with all sorts of handy highlights in goodreader!). Glad to know there is a newer version to check in with though.