Manage Icons

I’ve discovered the new Change Icon feature. Nice. I’ve also discovered the Manage Icons feature. Would like to know how to use the latter. Noticed the users manual section for Manage Icons refers to a section on Custom Icons that is not yet complete. Please explain:

(1) the meaning of the note on the Manage Icons dialog box “icons contained in the project package override icons stored in the Applications Support directory.”?

(2) are all custom icons to be stored in Application Support directory?

(3) how are custom icons to be created and what are their size limitations?



A few brief answers; I’m sure Keith or Ioa may come along with more in-depth explanations.

  1. If you have a file with the same name in both Application Support and within the specific project file, only the one in the project will show up as an icon option in the context list within that project.

  2. Custom icons can be stored in either place, depending how you use them. If you want them to be available to all projects, they need to go in the Application Support folder. If they’re extremely specific, you might rather store them in the project they belong to and not clutter up the menu for other projects.

  3. You can use various image files; I’m not sure what all specifically, but jpg, tiff, png, gif, pdf will all work, though everything except png gets converted to tif. You can just grab an image off your hard drive and Scrivener will shrink it down to size (8KB, 16x16), or you can make one specifically in an image editing program (probably preferable in most cases).

One other thing to note: it’s generally best to store your custom icons in application support unless you know you really don’t want them anywhere but in that one project. The main reason you’ll want to put them into the project itself is (a) what MimeticMouton already described; to override a default, or (b) if you are sharing the project with a collaborator, that’s the only way they’ll see your icons as well, unless you provide them with your Icons folder as well as the .scriv file. So, putting them in the project makes them portable, and you can have them in both places so it’s perfectly fine to drag some up from your application support section into the project section.

I also agree that it is generally preferable to find 16x16 icons or design them at that size, rather than throwing larger images at it. It will shrink them down as necessary, but this will usually result in the icon being a little blurry.

Thanks. Does Scrivener create two separate folders within Application Support for project specific and application icons when they are installed by the Manage Icons dialog? If not, then are they all dumped into App Support folder, or what?

There is just one folder in Application Support for Icons. When they are loaded into a specific project, they will be stored in that project .scriv file. That is what makes them portable.

Thanks. Seems you Lit & Latte folks have thought of just about everything. Nice work. Reeeeeally nice work. :smiley:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

And by the way that section has been written and is in the new PDF manual revision.