Management Reporting

Hi, I am interested in pulling management reports on my writing projects from Scrivener.
A typical report might include

  1. Scene title
  2. Synopsis
  3. Target word count
  4. Actual word count
  5. Selected Meta Data and values

I am certain this type of report is possible as everything seems to be tagged.
Using Version: - 06 Oct 2016 on a Windows 10 PC.

Any ideas on how this and similar types of reports can be achieved?

Cheers in advance, Paul.

I would try the File/Export/Outliner Contents as CSV… command. Set up an outliner view with the columns you wish to export (everything you listed is available), and in the export panel itself, make sure to check the box that limits export to only visible columns. Once exported you can import this into a spreadsheet program and tidy it up.

Thank you AmberV. I can work with this.

It took a little time to follow your breadcrumbs and flick through the manual to make the extract work, but the basic extract now works. If I need more help I shall post separate questions.

One small observation. I find the notion of a HOW TO section in a product manual to be very useful. I note that the Scrivener manual has “How to” buried in the narrative of multiple sections. Users may benefit from an explicit chapter of HOW TO entries to help users to navigate through the manual. E.g. “How to Grow Better Tomatoes”

Thank you once again.