Managing and updating image links

Hi there,

Still getting acquainted with Scrivener and very much enjoying it. Keep up the wonderful work! I’m gearing up to use it for my next book, which will include a slew of screenshots, and I’m trying to sort out the best way to manage those images.

Since I expect to make occasional changes to the images, I believe the best way to do it is to place the images as linked images rather than import them directly into the document text. Some questions:

  1. I recently rearranged my project files, moving my images directory to a new location. Although the directory is still in the same relative position to the .scriv file, the image links are broken. I can’t seem to find a way to edit/update the link. Is that possible, or should I instead remove and re-link each image? And if so, is there a better way for me to protect against this in the future?
  2. Is there a way to specify links relative to the document rather than absolute links to the file system? (I’m assuming Scrivener uses absolute links, which probably means that the file isn’t portable to another computer without breaking the links, is that right?)
  3. The final layout for the book will be done with InDesign, and I expect to manually place each of the images when I import the text into InDesign. While it’s helpful to edit and share documents with the linked images embedded in the text, it would be useful to be able to compile the final document with a plain-text link location instead of the image itself. So, I suppose this is a feature request: On compile, it would be awesome if I could choose to output linked images as the link location rather than the actual image. A bonus would be to have the option to apply a text style (e.g. red italic) to make the image stand out in InDesign on import.

Many thanks and, again, keep up the sensational work. It’s evident that lots of great thinking has gone into Scrivener.