Managing Character Name Autofill in Script mode

I made some typos when typing character names in a script I’m working on. The auto-fill/suggestion list that pops up includes these mistakes and I would like to get rid of them; especially as for a main character the incorrectly spelled name is displayed first and I can’t then use TAB to select the correct one.

I also typed X/Y at one point as I wanted them to be speaking in unison. Now when I type X, a main character, Scrivener puts in X/Y.

I’d like to remove these incorrect names completely. I tried doing a global search and replace for the misspelled variants but that didn’t remove the wrong entries.


When you type a character name, by default it gets added to the project auto-complete list, so you just need to delete these incorrect entries from there. To do so, go to Project > Auto-Complete List…

Hope that helps.

All the best,

I missed that Auto-Complete List option when I was looking for it!

1000-fold thanks Keith not Kevin.

I’ve now tidied my list up so all the errors (and temporary names) are deleted. Woo who.