Managing custom dictionaries/words between projects

I’m trying to figure out how to get “learned words” (i.e., right-click, “Learn Spelling”) in a given project to also be “learned” in other Scrivener projects.

The posts I’ve seen make it sound like Scrivener is just using my mac’s custom dictionary, with which I am thoroughly familiar. But I’m having issues where I’ll add a bunch of names etc. to one project, and then when I open another project, none of those names are being recognized as valid words, and I have to add them all over again. So something is wonky.

Is there some kind of way to force Scrivener to go back and check the dictionary? Or is it storing words somewhere else, such that I can export the custom dictionary for one project and import it into another project? (Even if that means a little behind-the-scenes code monkeying.)


Are you using the Ignore button rather than Learn? The former is session based, and probably constrained to a single project as well for that matter even if you have both open at once. As you’ve heard though, it’s the global Mac custom dictionary, so in theory if you learn a word in Scrivener it should even learn it for Mail or Safari.