Managing Endnote references while Using Chicago 15th A

Hi There!
I am using Endnote as a reference manager tool and I am needing help figuring out how to paste the reference from Endnote into Scrivener in order for it to show up as both footnotes and bibliography in my rtf file once I open it on Word for Mac. So far, I am able to see just the bibliography while exporting to rtf and then format the paper on endnote. But when I open the document on Word, I am not seeing the footnotes, just the Bibliography.
Thanks for any tip.

You have not been clear about what you are actually doing. Typically, while writing one inserts a “temporary citation” into the text, so that one gets something like:

Sample text {Smith, 1980 #100} more text …

Is that what you are doing? The temporary citation can be typed by hand, pasted, or with some bibliographic database programs, it may be inserted by using the Cmd-Y key combination.


Thank you Martin,
yes, that is exactly what I am doing.

If the temporary citations have been inserted properly, and are visible in the compiled rtf (and I can’t think of a reason why they shouldn’t be) then the problem lies with Endnote or Word. You should check your settings in both those programs.