Managing Keywords


My Srivener’s documents have many keywords.

1°) I add a new document, and I would like to get it all the same keywords than an other document.
My purpose is to be sure thath the two documents have the keywords list, and don’t need much time.
Is there a way to do that?

2°) How to do to export the keyword list from a Srivener file, to import it to an other one?

Thanks for your suggestions.

We’re going to make it easier, so you can simply copy and paste from one Keyword list to another, but for now the best approach is to open one of the documents as a QuickReference panel, open the keyword list in there and then drag and drop into the inspector (or the other way around works too).

  • As a test list you can select all of the keywords in the Project Keywords panel and drag them into a text editor. Note that for now this is not a two-way road, it’s a way to back up a list of keywords as text, not restore them into keywords later on or transfer them.
  • For direct transfer between projects: (a) open the Project Keywords panel in both projects (b) drag and drop. :slight_smile: That will retain colour and nesting orders.

Very nice to have a so quick and powerfull answer.
I have no excuse to not doing well my work …