Managing my list of sections to compile

@ brookter,

Your Custom Metadata suggestion for my ‘Preamble’ sections works beautifully!

For those also working with Scrivener+LaTeX, I outlined the steps I followed below to convert my text based ‘collection’ to custom metadata as per your suggestions:

  1. I created a ‘Preamble’ custom metadata label with a ‘Checkbox’ in Project > Project Settings > Custom Metadata.

  2. In View > Outliner Options > (list of columns in Outliner), I then checked off ‘Preamble’ to have the column for the ‘Preamble’ appear in the Outliner.

  3. In the Binder, I searched for the text ^^Preamble-sections^^ (that I had inserted earlier in the text of all Preamble sections) and saved the list of sections as a new ‘Preamble’ collection.

  4. Still in the Binder, I highlighted all the sections in the ‘Preamble’ collection I saved in the above step.

  5. I then opened the Outliner and proceeded to check the ‘Preamble’ checkbox for each of the sections in the ‘Preamble’ collection.

With the ‘Preamble’ custom metadata now defined, whenever I need to compile the equivalent of a Minimum Working Example (MWE), I can select the ‘Preamble’ sections by clicking on the ‘Compile:’ list popup on the Compile for: screen, then scrolling down the list of sections toward the bottom and selecting ‘Preamble’.

When I need to test section(s) of LaTeX code, the beauty of having the ‘Preamble’ custom metadata (as brookter points out) is the ability to select the relevant sections to be tested in the Outliner and check the corresponding checkbox to now include those section(s) in the list of ‘Preamble’ sections to be compiled. The text within each section remains unchanged regardless of compile status.

The ability to then simply tick the compile status on or off for specific documents (using in the Outliner / Inspector / Binder etc), rather than inserting or deleting ^^Preamble-sections^^ code within the text is a much more ‘Scrivener’ way of working.

Having created the ‘Preamble’ custom metadata tool as a way to quickly test individual section(s) of LaTeX code, greatly reduces the time to compile, in my case from over 6 minutes to just over a minute.

Thank you!