managing text to be or not to be deleted

First I apologize for my bad english, but I am only a Frenchie…
What I like to see in Scrivener is a management of text that I probabily delete, but I am not sure.
Precisely, I like that I can select some text and give it a status of “en sursis” (in forgiveness (?)). This text appear in gray, so it is less obviuos and it’s no more count in the total word of the text (like it’s was realy deleted).
Actually I use strike, but I the words count, and striked text is more obvious than “normal” text.


you could annotate the text and exclude annotations from word count. Annotations can have any colour you like.

I highlight text to be deleted, but highlighted text is counted.

Hope this helps.


Maria’s suggestion is a good one - you could easily use annotations like that, as they can be cut out on export and you can exclude them from the statistics in View > Statistics > Project Statistics (though they will still get counted in the footer stats).

Another option is to use snapshots - just take a snapshot of your document before doing the deletions; you can always roll back to that version of the document later, or copy and paste the deletions back into the current version.


Thank Maria and Keith,
I try to use annotation with gray color, so the text to be drop is faded (I haven’t seen that I can modify the annotation’s color).
For the snapshot I have trying to use it but, probabily a mistake of mine, I lost my work in the manipulation, so I am careful with snapshot and I use in place “Backup project”.
Thanks for your reply


back up frequently! Zipped. It is a wonderful feature with the zip-name including project name and backup date. Zip files take so little space, I use the feature several times a day.

And not to forget all those literature student, who can study the emergence of your life work in 200 years… :wink:


Thank’s Maria
Only 200 years ??? :slight_smile: