Managing writing workshop feedback

I’m on a two-year writing course at the University of Sussex in Brighton and currently my writing projects go through a workshop process, which means that I get marked up manuscripts loaded with comments. I’d like to transfer these comments into Scrivener, preferably against each document in a written piece, so allowing me to pin comments to specific sections, chapters, scenes etc.

I’m a Scrivener newbie, so wanted to ask whether simply adding comments in the notes section of the Inspector is the best way to do this? I have tried attaching ‘comments’ to individual phrases, but I don’t like the yellow highlighting on the phrase (and can’t seem to switch it off).

Do others have experience of managing feedback and notes on Scrivener? Any tips?

Many thanks. Happy writing.


We could use a little more detail about the nature of your source files.
Let’s assume that it’s MS Word.
For a variety of ways to export comments, see
Most of these methods export the comments into another Word file.
In Scrivener, you could have two folders, Draft and Comments
Display the files side-by-side, and you have a basis for comparison.
If necessary, you could copy/paste the most useful elements into Project Notes.

Thanks Druid. Yes, you’re right in assuming they’re in Word format, often an annotated version of my original piece. I’ll take a look at your link and see what suits best.