Mangeled columns

I’m having a small (but annoying) issue with the column widths in the Outline view. Becase of my small screen size I usually keep the Inspector hidden as long as I don’t need it. Yesterday I spent a minute or two configuring the columns to my liking, I did some outlining and then invoked the Inspector panel. As expected the column width of the outliner view condensed. When I hid the inspector I expected the outliner columns to expand back to the widths I previously assigned, but they didn’t. When I invoked the Inspector panel yet again they compressed even more to a completely mangeled state.

Is there any way to let these columns expand back to their set width after the Inspector panel is hidden? And while were at it – would it be possible to let Scrivener remember these column widths when you launch the app the next time?

Not sure if this is the correct thread – perhaps this is a bug?

EDIT: Apparently this problem only exists when I have a column type with a dropdown list (such as “Status” or “Label”) at the rightmost position. I solved it for now by rearranging their vertical positions a bit.

Hi Joakim,

I know this is addressed to Keith and I’m sure he will tackle it. Just to get you back to work though, an interim suggestion: When things are just as you want them to be, do a Force Save (FILE > FORCE SAVE) before making any other changes. It should enter your changes into the .plist preference file and call them next time you call the project. The preference file captures the info for any changes you make. At least give it a go - it might help in the short term and make life a bit easier.

So, settings like whether or not the Inspector is collapsed are recorded in the .plist file. Each Project gets a set of project specific data (you will probably see four entries for each project if you examine the .plist file). If things are really mangled, trash the .plist file and just restart Scrivener. It will create a new .plist preference file. It is in User (~) preferences and is called: com.literatureand latte.scivener.p.list (it is approximately 25 to 30 KB -depending on how many projects you have set up)

Hope this helps.

Please don’t think me rude for answering a direct email to Keith. It is only meant to help. Worth a shot.

You can read your .plist file using several applications: for example, PlistEditPro (the best one for this job), Smultron, Text Wrangler. BBedit etc. This way you can see if the changes you make are being recorded in the preferences file.

Great tip. Thank you! I’ll try it out as soon as I get home this evening.

This should also be fixed for beta 3. For beta 3 I have the scroll bars always visible for the outliner (which they should be anyway, but I made a slight mistake and hid them in beta 2, forgetting that you have the pop up “…” button that lets you choose the columns at the top of the vertical scroll bar). Along with this, I have got rid of the auto-resizing behaviour of the columns. So now, when you open the inspector, the columns don’t resize - you just use the horizontal scroll bar to access them. This is by far the best solution, as otherwise there is no way to tell them to resize and then go back to a former size.