Jesse is at it again.

Clearly related to Oak - (though not in any taxonomical arrangement of which I’m aware):

Sort-of Folding text v.lite - and free.



Thanks for pointing this out! I’m gonna give it a try the next time I have to write a short piece that doesn’t require Scrivener, and I’m sure I’ll be online the whole time. I love the concept of folding text. I haven’t really used an outliner at all since getting Scrivener but I used to rely on them all the time. Mango might work well for drafting short pieces where I still prefer to see only the section I’m working on. If I like it, I might get Folding Text too. For now, iAWriter is my non -Scrivener writing app for drafting shorter pieces.

That looks like it might be an interesting tool for Chromebook users, if you can cache the page offline and use it whenever.