Manic counter when importing rtf


I imported a 30-page rtf document (originally saved from MS Word). The document appears to have arrived safely, but I noticed a strange thing. At the top right hand corner of the Editor screen was a little progress bar which appeared to be working insanely fast! over and over again. It did this for approximately 40 minutes, and it looked as though it would have continued quite happily for hours (the document had already imported long since). The only thing that stopped it was clicking on and moving the scroll bar on the right. Then it vanished.


Hi Ros,

Thanks for the report; I’ve seen this too, and Lee’s got it on the list. Did the document you imported contain any special styles or such from Word? Another user had this problem initially but stripping the styles (just switching everything back to Normal) and removing the Document Map view seems to have made the import work, so it might be something to try. Ultimately it shouldn’t be a problem to import with the styles, but it’s possible they’re causing the glitch now–still trying to narrow this down.

It most cases, the progress bar returns if you switch documents and come back, though it disappears if you’re working in the editor. If yours goes away and stays away, that’s good to know!

Unfortunately, mine didn’t go-away-and-stayed-away. I thought it had! but when I switched to another part of the document, then switched back - it came back!

My document did have styles in it. Does seem like that is a contributory factor.

Thanks for replying